Friday, February 21, 2014

Transformed Butterfly Cake

Baby Twila was expected, and everyone was excited for her arrival.  The Dr's said she would not live long as she carried a gene that would not allow for her survival.  When her church called and asked for a Baby Shower cake, I was a little taken aback.  Why?
Twila was not expected to last a day, what would anyone buy for a baby not expected to survive.  I dug deep.  What kind of cake would I make for such an occasion.  I imagined Twila... I closed my eyes and saw this sweet baby growing inside her mothers womb.  I remembered the verse in the bible that speeks of our Lord knowing us, and knitting us together in the innermost parts.  I imagined a butterfly in all its stages.  That was it.  This most beautiful baby girl would grow and emerge from her mother.  She would be most beautiful.  Her wings would dry, and then, (we expected) Twila would fly away.  

Much to our surprise, Twila did come, She did amaze us with her beauty.  Twila touched so many hearts.  All this was expected.  What was not expected, but hoped for, is that Two years later...Twila is still touching so many hearts.  She is most beautiful.  God has surprised and amazed all of us.  Never underestimate that He can do far Above and beyond all that we could ever fathom. 

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