Friday, January 31, 2014

1st Birthday for my Boy

Bugs and worms are so much fun when your at the park flying your kite. 

Risk Board Game Cake

Camera, Books and Gavel Graduation Cake.

Civics, Camera Club, Favorite Books and To top it off Duck Dynasty Bible Study and Duck call.  

Graduation looks different for each young person, As it should be.  Each of us in made unique, and special.

Boy Scouts Cake

Boy Scouts of America Celebrate.

Rosette Birthday cake

Phoebe Turns One/

Beautiful Rosettes cover this sweet babies cake

Skippy John Jones Birthday Party.

Skippy John Jones Party

Two Boys, One Party.  The BumbleBee is a Chocolate Shell filled with candy.  

Cupcakes add a lot of great elements to your table.

This Party was published on a Popular Party Site.

Graduation Teacher Cake

From kindergarden, to adulthood, every step is a joy;

What a privledge to watch them grow into adults.

Balloon Cake

Balloons are such fun.  I brought you a whole bunch for your birthday

Turtle cake

MammaTurtle, and her Baby squirt.

Gumpaste Shoes For the Bride

Wedding Showers are so much fun

Elegant, and sassy, these Shoes are edible

Every Girl needs a new pair of shoes for a party.

Hunger Games Cake

Hunger Games Birthday 

Every Flower has its own broach

Toasted Coconut and Blue Birds with Cupcakes

Coconut delight.

Reeses cake

Reeses Peanut Butter pie

Not Really It is a cake But tastes just like Heaven.

Baby Treasure Cake

A baby is a treasure.

Woodland Fairy Cake

Woodland Fairy Cake

Blue Bird Cake

Baby Shower Cake.  The Cake matches the walls painted in the Babies Room.

Gardeners Birthday Cake

Gardeners Delight.

Purple Flower Wedding Cake

Breast Cancer Survivor and 50th Birthday

Congratulations on two amazing milestones.

Breast Cancer survivor, and turning fifty.  

Yoda Cake

Birthday Happy Says I

Yoda Cake

Vintage Record Player and 45's Birthday Cake

Gumpaste 45's on this vintage cake

The turntable actually turned and played Happy Birthday to our wonderful Birthday Boy