Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Flowers Bows and Horseshoes cake.

Such a beautiful young lady graduated this year, 

And she designed this cake for her party.  It suits her to a tee. 

Child's Play... Cakes

Wheather its a show they love, 

A favorite toy

Or Movie that they are obsessed with.

Or just because it's fun.

Kids love cake.  Making cake into whatever it is they love is so much fun.  

Even big kids have their passions.  
Boarding ...

 or even Team sports,

Everyone wants to design the unusual.  We all want our Birthday to be special, and unique.  So, come up with an idea,

Lets talk about it, and make a design. 

Then, lets watch as it comes to life.  

Together we can make it happen.

Be sweet, and colorful.

Live on the edge, make it super.

Lets make some noise.

Anything is possible.