Friday, February 21, 2014


When my daughter told me she wanted her birthday parties to be different that all the other kids, we brainstormed for ideas.  

Big mice in costume, that's been done. Pizza parties, done.  Parks, no.  How about making our own cakes.  Hey, we can do that.  So I prepared little cakes and prepared the frosting, with my little helpers assistance.  

I let the girls pick the colors and tips they wanted to use. 

I showed them how to cover the cake, they needed a little help with this.  Next time I will cover the cake and let them decorate.  

Everyone had so much fun coming up with designs of their own. 

Some of the girls went crazy.

Some are more refined.

All of the girls were creative and had such fun decorating their very own cakes to take home to their families. 

So we tried it again when she got a bit older.  It took on a whole other look.

Sure the cakes got decorated. And they were very creative.

But they went a bit further.

Decorating one another and posing for shots.

It got a bit crazy like animal crazy.

I didn't run fast enough.  So now I know what they think of me.  I am the local clown.

Photo shoot time.

What fun it is to use cake decorating for parties.

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